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  • For sale Black Dog GBR 47

    Built 2017 and fitted out in Sydney, All sails Norths Sydney, sails very new and hardly used, many spare sails, boat has been dried stored in the winter and has been used very little. Boat is ready to race and available after Garda 2024 please contact Jarrod Simpson at ,tel +447717302873

  • JJG 2024 Pictures Online

    JJG 2024 Pictures Online

    Take a look at the best of the best. A very detailed one: Maybe you want to see how the sail is shaped. Maybe how the vang works. Check out the pictures of this years JJG trophy here:

  • Team Black knight with exceptional JJG performance

    Team Black knight with exceptional JJG performance

    The Bavarian Team Black Knight had an exceptional performance the the JJ Giltinan Trophy 2024 – the world championships of 18ft skiff sailing. Leaving only the 4 professional teams in front they beat Olympic 49er candidates, brand new boats and many more. Our greatest respect to all European teams for performing so well in this…

  • Winter Training in Cadiz

    Winter Training in Cadiz

    Sailing the 18ft Skiff is one of the hardest things one can learn. It’s fast, unstable and tricky. And when one has mastered this skill, it has to be trained continuously. 4 boats went to Cadiz, Spain to do exactly that. Sailing in Cadiz is absolutely fantastic. A long and well paved ramp, a large…

  • Check the Australian boats for sale

    Check the Australian boats for sale

    Our Aussie friends are selling boats. Find them here At the moment, the boats Team Japan Balmain Slake 21/22 and the Lazarus Development have been shipped to Europe and are for sale here! If you are genuinely interested in purchasing an 18 footer from the Australian League, please email the League at, quote the…

  • Looking forward to Garda?

    Looking forward to Garda?

    We have a whopping 17 boats coming to Lake Garda for the European Championships. Be sure to come and watch! Where? Circolo Vela ArcoWhen? 26. – 30. June 2023 Find the official entry list here: CVA 18ft Skiff Entries

  • German Team in Sydney

    German Team in Sydney

    The Black Knight Racing Team of Heinrich von Bayern, Tom Martin and Andy Martin are racing the Australian fleet in Sydney. They are preparing for this year’s JJ Giltinan Trophy – the world championships of 18ft racing.

  • Action in Aarhus

    Action in Aarhus

    This years 18ft Skiff Grand Pri was closed with spectacular sailing in Aarhus Denmark. It is one of the best sailing spots. The beginning of September brought great Skiff conditions with three days of #2 rigg sailing. 12-25 kn got everyone jumping over the ocean swell. Results: The overall GP win of 2022 was taken…

  • European championships

    European championships

    Successful European championships at Circolo Vela Arco, Lago di Garda This year’s European championships were a lot of fun, with high quality racing and a tight fleet. Lago di Garda promised sunshine and good wind, and it delivered five superb racing days in beautiful conditions with 15-25 kn.

  • Summer sailing in Hungary

    The 18s are back at Balatonflörvar in Hungary for some picturesque sailing. Balaon promised nice No1 rigg wind and that’s what the sailors got. The first and second days were quite tricky with just enough wind to sail races. The thrid day featured 12 kn at 28° C with three of the fleet racing really…