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  • 18ft Skiffs in Aarhus

    Dear 18 ft skiff friends, Please find below the link to the entry: Aarhus will have the Aarhus festival week at the time we are sailing, with live music all over the town center which is in walking distance from the sailing center….. During the week end we will also have the European meeting […]

  • European championships

    European championships

    Successful European championships at Circolo Vela Arco, Lago di Garda This year’s European championships were a lot of fun, with high quality racing and a tight fleet. Lago di Garda promised sunshine and good wind, and it delivered five superb racing days in beautiful conditions with 15-25 kn.

  • Europeans coming up

    Europeans coming up

    Dear 18 ft skiff friends, The Mark Foy and European Championship will take place from 18th to 22nd July in Arco on Lake Garda. The entry can soon be made à I will updated you as soon as you can register: 4 Aussie boat will attend – the boats will arrive in the beginning of July……. As usual will […]

  • Summer sailing in Hungary

    The 18s are back at Balatonflörvar in Hungary for some picturesque sailing. Balaon promised nice No1 rigg wind and that’s what the sailors got. The first and second days were quite tricky with just enough wind to sail races. The thrid day featured 12 kn at 28° C with three of the fleet racing really […]

  • 2021 European championship boat for sale

    2021 European championship boat for sale

    The black knight that won the Europeans in 2021 is for sale. Contact Heinrich von Bayern for details.

  • New look for the 18s online

    New look for the 18s online

    Welcome to our new website. We are really excited to be starting into Season 2022 with a fresh look with all the news, events, Buy and Sell, media, and history that make 18ft Skiff sailing even better. See you out on the water!

  • Suspendisse morbi pretium

    Suspendisse morbi pretium

    Eu donec in etiam ornare integer nam torquent ut, duis convallis semper proin vulputate arcu viverra nibh lectus, aliquet cras rutrum interdum phasellus suspendisse eleifend faucibus, magnis neque tempor adipiscing mus sollicitudin luctus. Sodales non eu taciti rutrum ultrices dapibus ipsum pharetra, massa integer cras varius ante augue tortor ultricies iaculis, a congue laoreet facilisi […]

  • What a start of the season – Diessen 18ft Regatta

    What a start of the season – Diessen 18ft Regatta

    The first European regatta of the season is the Christian Fries Gedächtnispreis. The 9 boats were racing in light winds in very tactical conditions and finished 10 races. It couldn’t have been any better in these light winds.

  • Inceptos penatibus habitasse

    Inceptos penatibus habitasse

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  • Magna ligula suspendisse

    Magna ligula suspendisse

    Lectus curabitur lacinia vulputate scelerisque ridiculus tristique quam at facilisis facilisi, ex id cubilia rhoncus nibh luctus tincidunt amet condimentum dapibus, duis nascetur tortor natoque egestas varius sed et risus. Cras suspendisse risus facilisis mollis nam nostra proin, ultrices erat rhoncus eleifend vestibulum lobortis dapibus, non conubia nisi potenti torquent commodo. Sagittis in vivamus penatibus […]